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Baltimore Native


Dr. Ted Sutton is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. During his life in the streets, he was known as "Crazy Ted", and was affiliated with the characters in the HBO television drama, THE WIRE, a series about the perils of street life in Baltimore, MD. The series featured Dr. Sutton's mentor, Little Melvin Williams, one of the main characters on the series; that was also featured in BET's documentary series, American Gangster. After a personal encounter with God, his life began to shift.


Today, Dr. Sutton is CEO & Founder of Sutton House Inc. He possesses a Master's Degree in Criminology, specializing in Juvenile Delinquency Prevention, a Doctorate degree in Humanities, and is also working on another Doctorate degree. He is a sought after motivational speaker, and is a trained certified gang intervention specialist. He has also provided relational and communication training to police officers at the Baltimore City Police Academy to assist in building better relationships between urban youth and the police department.


He has worked locally speaking and training at community events, church functions, high schools , colleges and universities, and other organizations about youth-focused issues, as well as localities such as Philadelphia, PA, Chester, PA, New Orleans, and Atlanta, Georgia to name a few. He has also traveled and worked globally, including the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Dr. Sutton started the first library at the Baltimore City Correctional Center and worked in partnership with the TRUCE movement, rendering services between prison inmates and the community in an effort to create better relationships between rival gangs and its members. Some of his other advocacy work for youth includes addressing Congress in Washington, DC, to speak on the plight of youth and young adults, and participating in various interviews by the British Broadcasting News in 2010, Rolling Stone Magazine in 2011, Washington Post in 2011, and numerous radio and television talk show interviews. Additionally, his organization was also selected to address to the United Nations in 2012 regarding youth relations.


Dr. Sutton has several publications, a brochure, titled "What to Do When Stopped by The Police", a resource guide tailored to youth understanding the law and their legal rights, and a magazine titled " 93", a book titled, "Temporarily Insane", and a DVD titled, Urban Youth in America, which all focus on the issues and challenges of youth. His new book, From Pain to Power is soon to be released in 2014. Some of Dr. Sutton's newest 2013 engagements include an participation in a session at The White House, by invitation, to discuss issues related to youth development, and technical consulting with the television series Law & Order: SVU.



Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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